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Microfiltration System

Particulates and water are the primary reasons for lubricating (hydraulic/engine/turbine/synthetic) oils to lose their properties. A system to continuously remove particulates and water without removing the additive mix would increase the usable life of lubricating fluids manifold. This can be achieved by means of microfiltration of the lubricating fluids on a continuous/regular basis.

Experience has shown that with ECOTECH MicrofiltrationTM by-pass filters the oil change intervals can be extended by at least 3 to more than 10 times

Advantages of ECOTECH Microfiltration
TM system:
  • Cleans hydraulic and lubrication fluids to 1 micron level (NAS 2/3) without affecting additive package.

  • Brings down water content in the fluid to about 130ppm.

  • Machines can work without oil change from 3 to 10 times normal change interval.

  • Longer life of equipment due to lower wear and tear and lower maintenance cost.

  • Lesser fluid to be disposed off- increased environment protection.

  • Extends the oil change intervals.

  • Reduces waste oil.

  • Minimizes wear.

  • Avoids malfunctions.

  • Reduces downtime and labour costs.

Engine Protection System
  Microfiltration System
ECOTECH Microfiltration™ System
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