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ECOTECH Microfiltration™ System
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ECOTECH MicrofiltrationTM systems imported from Germany, is capable of bringing the cleanliness level of fluids to NAS 2/3.

ECOTECH MicrofiltrationTM systems have been developed for the maintenance of hydraulic and lubricating oils. ECOTECH MicrofiltrationTM oil maintenance is the best solution for extended oil life and oil change intervals whilst providing excellent system component protection. Extended oil change intervals provide savings in natural resources and reduce old oil disposal, a pro-active environmental policy.

ECOTECH MicrofiltrationTM filters are depth cartridges. The filter medium is made of long fibre cellulose and polypropylene. This high quality filter medium and the specially aligned construction of the filter housing grant a high particle retention capability and very effective filtration of non-emulsified water. Each filter element used in the quoted model can retain dirt upto 2.5 Kg and water upto 0.78 ltr.

Solid particles up to 1μm are filtered out and water (up to the absorption point) is bound within the cartridge element. The filtration is carried out at low pressure – off-line – with pressures between 1 and max. 6 bar. The additives in the oil are not removed by the ECOTECH MicrofiltrationTM filter element. The filtration of the abrasive and catalytic contamination reduces wear and prevents oxidative-catalytic reactions.

Oil change intervals will depend on the performance grade of the oil and the current application of the machine. These intervals can be extended by using ECOTECH MicrofiltrationTM by-pass filters. Through laboratory analyses the correct change frequency for the filter and the oil can be determined.
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ECOTECH Microfiltration™ System
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