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Water Separation and Pre Filtration

SEPAR 2000 diesel water separator pre filter
Water is a known enemy of all diesel engines. Modern high-pressure injection systems with tight tolerances are extremely sensitive to water. In order for these systems to work reliably and efficiently diesel should be free of water. Even a small droplet of water could cause substantial damage to injection systems and engine.

SEPAR 2000 Diesel water separator filter - A compact yet complete pre filtration and water separation system would solve this problem and protect the fuel injection systems and engine from the harmful effects of water in diesel.

Unlike cheaper water separating bowls and water absorbing primary filter cartridges SEPAR 2000 is a complete filtration system to remove water and suspended particulates from diesel before engines standard filters. This helps the standard filters to work efficiently and last longer.

SEPAR 2000 is a multistage centrifuge water separator with a water repellant fine filter at the final stage, all housed in an impact resistant compact enclosure. Water separation efficiency of SEPAR 2000 is nearly 100% Particulate fine filtration is available in 10 and 30 micron rating. Test reports available on request.

Lowest life cycle cost
SEPAR 2000 has a unique Back Flushing feature to regenerate when its final filter is blocked. This re-generation process helps customer to re use the filter insert instead of throwing it away.

Sensing and Monitoring options
Optional sensors are available for monitoring pressure drop and water accumulation. Signals from these sensors could be hooked up to the Engine control Modules for effective engine management. A classic 12/24 VDC audible and visual alarm for water detection is also available.

Globally recognized and locally supported
Type approved by 5 classification societies for the marine use, SEPAR 2000 is also available in switchable versions for continuous service like marine propulsion and prime power generating engines.

Used by many reputed OE manufactures globally, SEPAR 2000 is now available in India Through Ecotech®. Our field service engineers and sales engineers are trained to help you solve your diesel filtration problems.

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  Water Separation and Pre Filtration
SEPAR 2000 Diesel water separator - filter
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