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Oil and Petrochemical Industries

Evaporation loss from above ground storage tanks is a major problem world over. With soaring oil prices it assumes greater significance to reduce, if not stop wasting hydrocarbon vapor through evaporative emission.

Ecotech® has brought MESA Industries, an API and ASTM member manufacturer established in 1967, to India in 1996 to introduce latest sealing technologies to Indian petrochemical industries.

We have conducted a nationwide study through a leading market research company to assess the understanding of users about evaporation losses. The startling market feedback has endorsed the need for a proper emission containment sealing system in India. Today, the secondary sealing system and product mounted primary sealing system we have introduced in India way back in 1997 has become the Industry standard. This technological breakthrough in sealing system has helped many Indian customers to save substantial money through vapor emission containment and enhanced safety of tanks. The positive impact on the environment from containing harmful raw emission of Volatile Organic Compound is also substantial.

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